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How To Care For Your Running Bras

How To Care For Your Running Bras by bmoore

A good running bra can cost you upwards of $40.00, so it just makes sense that you care for these essential garments properly to ensure the maximum wear.

Last week I was trying to research proper sports bra care and I was really surprised to find that there isn’t a lot of detailed, reliable information out there on the subject. So, I decided to write to the good folks at Enell who make some of the best sports bras around. Here’s what they had to say about caring for your sports bras. These guidelines are great, regardless of the brand of bra you favor.

Care of Your Bra For Maximum Use

In order that you may enjoy this garment for years to come, we recommend you follow these instructions for proper care of your ENELL Sports Bra:

  • For best results, wash separately in cold water using gentle cycle or hand wash. Do not bleach or use fabric softeners.
  • Hook up the front of your bra completely or place in a mesh bag to avoid the hook and eye closure from catching in the holes of the washer drum.
  • Lay flat or hang dry for best results. Do not machine dry, heat will break down the spandex fibers.  

How Often Should I Replace My Running Bra?

The standard for replacing a bra is every 6 months to a year, however the ENELL Sports Bra does last longer than most bras and it would not be unusual for the ENELL to last 1-2 years depending on care and use. We recommend you follow the care instructions closely for best results.

How Can I Tell If My Bra Needs to Be Retired?

Checking the fit of your ENELL Sports Bra would be the best way to tell if it is time to purchase a new one. To ensure proper fit we recommend that you twist your body as though doing a waist exercise - proper fit means the bra should stay in place. If your ENELL Bra feels loose or less supportive than normal you will want to take new measurements and replace your bra. An improper fit can be due to extended use and wear of the bra or even weight loss and it is important to see if you have changed in size as well.

So there you have it! All my bra questions are finally answered. Hope you find this helpful.

A lot of my friends who run have just 1 or 2 bras they wear regularly – washing several times a week. Just curious…how many running bras do you have in your drawer? 

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Posted by: bmoore on May 25, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Visits: 2602 | Posted in: Gear


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